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Serving South Flordia Since 1996
If you're in the market for residential or commercial bathtub refinishing or reglazing, it pays to shop around. And you won't find better workmanship or more reasonable prices than you'll get from Bathmasters Inc. 
 Family owned and operated. Fully  licensed and insured. Workmen's  comp. State Exempt. W-9's available for all major contractors.  Only  Authorized Service Repair representive  for Kohler products.


Resurfacing can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement. The length of work depends on the size of the job, bath tubs can be resurfaced in just 3 hours,and ready for use in the minimum amount of time.

 All work is performed in your home by trained technicians who'll leave the work area   clean and neat. With normal use and care, the new surface will last for many years. We  
 can match existing colors, or change to the preferred color of choice. The choice is   yours completely.
 Resurfacing adds years to the life of your fixtures. Rather than replacing them just   because they're worn out or outdated, you can make them look new again. In less than   a day you can have the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, without the nightmare   and expense of remodeling. 

 The process is simple. First the old worn unsightly surface is chemically treated and   cleaned.  Any chips, scratches or other damaged areas are filled and sanded smooth.   We also grout in areas as needed.Then the several layers of our exclusive materials   are applied creating a strong, durable, lustrous finish that if fully guaranteed. Our   surface can be regularly cleaned and sanitized with good liquid cleaner of your choice,   yet will remain stain resistant, safe, and beautiful.

 All of our products are thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards needed to   perform as expected on your surfaces for many years. We use only the best materials   available in the industry and back them up with expert service, installation a guarantee   for your personal reassurance. Our materials are lead free and with our means of   exhausting during application, odor is keep to a minimum.
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