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Why Use Aliphatic Urethane Coating System?
There are five distinctly different types of urethanes, but virtually all the manufactures will agree and extensive industry use has shown, that a fully crosslinked aliphatic, ASTM TYPE 5 urethane is the most durable, and the most practical long term finish available today.
The Crucial Difference:
Crosslink Density
The most critical difference between high and low density crosslink coatings is the active number of chemical bonds holding the molecules together. The higher the crosslinks density of a coating, the higher the overall film toughness and chemical resistance.
Since Bathmasters Coating is a very high crosslinked system, it offers the most long term value to your refinished bathtub as compared to other coatings such as lowlink urethanes polyesters, epoxies, or enamels now available.
Formula Characteristics
Film Hardness
Aliphatic's urethanes coatings were introduced to the U.S. in the 60's primarily for aerospace industry to protect surfaces that were subjected to sand and ice particles at hundreds of miles per hour.
Bathmasters Finish is the most resilient and the most popular of these types of urethanes.
UV Screening Agents
Bathmasters Finish has ultraviolet  light  screening agents U.V.R. and Ultrablock protecting the surface against harmful light radiation which will turn many coatings, particularly yellow. The formula we use extends the lifespan of your refinished product by keeping the finish bright and colorfast, which guarantees long term customer satisfaction. 
High Gloss
A distinct advantage of a high/crosslinking
aliphatic urethane, like ours, is the resin-rich wear layer that forms at the surface during the curing cycle. This layer provides long term protection for the pigment particles, improves color and gloss retention and gives that deep, rich gloss associated with high quality urethanes.
Bathmasters Finish offers a precisely crosslinked cured coating system, topcoat to primer, primer to substrate. The super performance of our bonded coating is a direct result of not just the premium urethane itself, but the capability of the primer system to support the topcoat. This system is truly the most effective for refinishing, particularly the Porcelain and Ceramic field.
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